KB's FairPrice

KB’s Fairprice is a neighborhood convenience store concept. With changing lives, people want to go to modern destination stores, which are closer to their homes. That’s where KB’s Fairprice comes in. It is a modern, self service neighborhood convenience store which stocks all the essential needs of a household in one store.

KB’s Fairprice has the following categories in its stores -

KB’s Fairprice is currently active in 3 markets -

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore

It currently has 176 stores all across India and is located in areas within the city that are densely populated large urban markets. The store size varies between 600-900 sq ft.

Going forward the idea is plan is to share this great opportunity in neighborhood convenience retail with all through the medium of franchising. Currently the  opportunity is available starting with Delhi. We believe the combination of an entrepreneur /mom and pop store owner and a modern corporate will result in magic.